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Jan. 13th Lunch trip


Lunch trip non-profit organization aims to offer special experiences through having local lunch
and lecture on the country.

This time we joined them as a staff for “Flight to Poland”. During the event,
we served Polish meal.
Also had a talk session by Ms. Seiko Ogura. We also did a workshop on Polish matters.


In workshop, setting the theme”if you become Polish PR ambassador ” , participants discussed how to promote Poland in Japan.
We got tons of ideas like“focusing on people who have been to almost all Western European countries,
advertise direct flight to Poland.
Targeting Young girls who want to take “Instagenic” pictures “And “Spread the image of art city like Vienna”

4th lecture for Study trip to Poland at Kamakura Gakuen junior high & high school

This time we gave a practical Polish lecture for coming trip to Poland in 2 months!


As you see in the video, students tried to learn Polish seriously.
We’ll have a Polish lesson next time(Feb. 9th) too!

We look forward to seeing you again.

Please stay tuned for next blog;)

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